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Clean up sony VPCEA35EC CPU fan

Different removal methods Sony notebooks and other books, the notebook computer is removed from the shell, we put back all screws removed.


Then we put the notebook computer memory and CD-ROM dismantled, note: two screws hard cover removed after the hard disk above there are two screws to be screwed down, twist off to remove the hard disk, as shown below.


When the notebook behind all screws removed, put a hand gently CD-ROM notebook space after the shell is completely unloaded. If you need to clean the dust, we can put all the screws removed after the radiator cleaning.


As shown above, with tweezers inserted in the red marker, first raised a gap, and then hand to pull (Note: not too much force, buckle easily broken).


If we want to remove the motherboard, the internal cable pull out, then unplug the motherboard screws on the connection line and removing all of the motherboard can be removed.


Notebook motherboard and radiator(CPU fan)