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MSI GS70 laptops disassembly


Preparation tool is simple enough for a Phillips screwdriver, preferably with tweezers, then be prepared to dismantle the radiator thermal grease.


Many first remove all the screws GS70 bottom of the fuselage, the number to be patient. Note that the red circle inside the two length is longer, the remaining specifications same. The bottom cover is surrounded by some of the plastic retaining tabs, opening the lid when the action to light.


MSI GS70 inside the main device Overview


MSI GS70 CPU cooler regions show


MSI GS70 The GPU heatsink area show. If the machine running the load is not high, and there is no single significant resources to call, then Fengyun fan is not working to reduce noise.


MSI GS70 has two internal mSATA slots for installing dual SSDs. With a wireless network card.


MSI GS70 processor and heat sink , with two heat pipes.


GS70 ‘s GeForce GTX 765M graphics card and the heat sink , also has dual heat pipes and fins cover memory chips above.