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Clean the CPU fan of Dell Inspiron N5010


1. Remove the middle cover inside are memory (red) CD-ROM lock screws (blue) keyboard lock screws (green) will cover all the screws removed (out of the middle lid inside the lid, which can be later removed).


2. The red area has a total of 4 keyboard lock, use nails or other hard things to open it.


3. Red to green for the removal of the screws is connected with the keyboard interface, keyboard interface, remove the line will be open to the interface, and then removed the other three connecting line interface is also open (blue, light blue, dark green) are respectively connected with the power switch, touch panel, remove the screws (all lights front and rear) you can remove the panel, front down, as follows.


4. Red fan , yellow drive, hard blue , green CPU Note: the lower right corner of the wireless device easy to swap the screw light blue , the interface demolition, open board and deputy board will be stuck in a very tight , but can be separated ( drive on the left the motherboard is the top sub-panel ) and then remove the motherboard.


5. The red area screws and pull the plug.


6. The red area screws can be cleaned out after cleaning the cooling fan assembly in the reverse order.
Note: screw assortment.