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how to clean your laptop cpu cooling fan

Remove the cooling fan , the following can be started on the fan and radiator maintenance operations , but before you start , we still have to prepare the necessary tools, such as brushes, rubber blower , Phillips screwdriver and a cotton swab . In order to facilitate understanding of the specific disassembly and maintenance procedures.

Step one: Remove the fan. Separated from the main radiator . The first tear the seams fan and heat sink paste , aluminum foil, and then removed the fan wind shield around the screws and remove the fan from the heat sink . At this point we can see the heat sink and fan junction accumulate a lot of dust.


Tear up the fan and fins foil , remove the screws that secure the fan

Step two: Remove the fan cover. Demolition of the fan on the roof of the wind guide cover three small screws , detach wind shield cover plate , then we can see the wind guide cover internal and fan impeller .


Will be taken out from the radiator fan , follow the arrows indicate the location of the wind guide cover removed three screws on the top cover

The third step: clean fan dust. Brush brush fan page round the edge of the dust, and then deep inside the impeller , by both sides of the blade slice clear the dust . If you encounter a dirty and difficult to remove the dirt, you can add a little water with a cotton swab to wipe . Need to remind everyone that can not get the fan directly rinse under the tap , because the fan motor is not waterproof .


Fan wheel with a brush and brush the inside of the dust wind guide cover
Step four : Clean up fins dust. Fins with a brush brush the inside of the outlet surface accumulation of dust , and then along the direction of the air outlet fins , fins inside the brush bristles to clean deep cleaning at the same time with a rubber blower outlet from the outside to the internal body blow away loose dust, until it is completely cleaned up .
Move brush to remove the inner surface of the cooling fins accumulate dust , and then with a rubber blower for deep cleaning
Fifth step: assembling and paste the aluminum foil. Disassembled in the reverse order in accordance with the assembled fans, after the assembly , must remember the fan and aluminum fins seams paste ( can also be used instead of cloth tape ) , this can play a role in sealing aluminum foil , let the wind guide cover can all be blown to blow cool air cooling fins , but not leak from the edge of the gap .
After cleaning, the fan and the new aluminum foil pasted seams
Thus notebook fan cleaning on all completed , we need to be flexible in the dismantling , be careful, if the model is still within the warranty period , we do not suggest that you remove the entire cooling components . Of course, if you have purchased a thermal grease or laptop over the useful life of two years , in this case, you can consider replacing the new grease .