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Asus UX501 review

Asus UX501 with a frequency of 2.6GHz Intel core i7-4720HQ processor, performance is very strong. Graphics card for 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M game alone, storage is the use of8GB large capacity memory, with the 128GB SSD+1TB HDD hard drive, to ensure the running speed of the system but also can ensure that users need for storage space. Can say in performance over Apple’s MacBook Pro UX501 from the Asus performance.

Using a design similar to Apple’s MacBook UX501 design on the back cover of the Asus, also use the six screws relatively rare. But unlike MacBook, the two foot above the back of the UX501 under the possession of two ordinary screw, need to pay attention when removing the rear cover of the. The 10 of six around the corner screw, you can easily win the entire cover.


At the beginning of the dismantling of before, first of all need to pay special attention to is tounplug the battery power cable. At present, most of the notebook computer using the built-in battery structure design, in order to prevent irreversible damage in the dismantling process,remove the cover after the first thing is to unplug the battery cable, cut off the power supply of notebook computer completely.

After removing the battery, you can see the battery capacity is 60Wh, and the UX501 battery capacity is equipped with 4K screen is larger, enough to meet the demand of the emergencypower supply is not out.

The next speaker unit dismantled on the left and the right, first disconnect the connection on the left side of the line above the sound. The next step may require a point, because the UX501 sound is fixed by glue, need a little patience when they were dismantled, slowly open.

Remove the loudspeaker, can remove mechanical hard disk. Only need to unscrew the 4 screws can be easily pulled out. Also worth noting is that this machine is connected directly tothe hard disk of a conversion module and the motherboard, and the 4K version of the machinewith no mechanical hard disk, there is no the conversion module. This also proves that, 4K version and the regular version using the same motherboard.

Below to begin dismantling Asus radiating module UX501, first of all according to the fixed screw by the digital, remove the screw in reverse order, and then carefully remove the cooling module. On the back of the heat dissipation module, we can see that in addition to CPU and GPU have good thermal conductivity measure, heat treatment of memory chip to do around GPU.

In order to realize the thin body, UX501 heat pipe in heat conduction effect under the premise to ensure a certain degree of weight loss, so that he could into the thin body, while also using the double cooling fan, and optimization of the air duct, so that all of the air can be sufficientheat exchange with the heat sink, to fully ensure the cooling effect.

The dismantling of screen, first need to unplug the screen line. As shown in the picture below,directly hold the hand screen line, a little hard to pull out, and then tighten screws fixed screen axis. Note that the triangle symbol next to this is a representative of screw screw position fixedscreen shaft, used when installing tips, to avoid the screw dislocation.

Screw all the fixed screen shaft after removing the need to screen, open to 90 degrees, can beremoved from the surface of the C flat screen shaft. Thus, this process has come to an end.

The last is the process of dismantling the motherboard, the motherboard screw disassembly,also need to pay attention to a white triangle screws next to the tip, which is said board fixing screw’s position suggests that, at the time of installation for the white arrow installation can avoid wrong screws.

MFAA ultra-high efficiency of anti-aliasing

Speed ​​and quality has always been the ultimate goal of the two 3D games to pursue, but many times the speed and quality of fish and can not have both always wanted to open the advanced effects will inevitably lead to the loss of fluency dropped frames , so hardware manufacturers constantly need to develop more powerful GPU, software vendors need to develop a more efficient graphics technology.

Anti-aliasing (Anti-Aliasing, abbreviated as AA) is such a very special graphics technology, which can significantly improve the game screen performance, but also makes a substantial decline in the game frame . So over the years , both the graphics card manufacturer or game developers , are efforts to improve the efficiency of anti-aliasing , the development of new anti-aliasing mode, so the game quality gets better , but that does not make too much performance loss.

Therefore, we must have heard or seen the following in one or more of the anti-aliasing , such as : MSAA, CSAA, CFAA, FXAA, TSAA …… Today I will give a detailed interpretation of 3D games is how to generate a sawtooth Recalling the most common MSAA technology principles , advantages and disadvantages , and finally introduces a highly efficient NVIDIA newly developed anti-aliasing technology –MFAA.

Thermal testing on Lenovo ThinkPad E455

Here we test the ThinkPad E455 notebook actual thermal conditions . Our testing method is still room temperature at 28 degrees Celsius , so this notebook run Furmark pager pager comes with software and AIDA64 program , so that the GPU and CPU are working at higher loads , especially GPU, almost is running at full speed . Then after 20 minutes , respectively, to see this notebook internal core temperature and body surface temperature.


Core temperature under high load condition

Surface temperature , we use professional equipment for temperature detection notebook cooling performance testing. To help us observe the temperature distribution of the whole situation, we get the temperature distribution through the instrument to detect , record and mark various parts of the temperature , illustrated as follows.


Under high load state of the keyboard surface temperature


Bottom surface temperature under high load state

Through the above thermal imaging maps can be seen , the temperature ThinkPad E455 laptop palmrest and touchpad area to maintain good , but most of the keyboard area temperatures are in the high load condition experience is not good , it is because ThinkPad E455 notebook to do to optimize the selection of noise control , even in high- load condition almost hear the whirring sound of the fan , and perhaps engineers consider when designing the product is that users rarely make the computer into a high-load condition, but this compromise design somewhat fragile.

Water-cooled radiator

Water-cooled radiator at present computer users generally don’t know much, a lot of friends for water-cooled heat dissipation principle is also a lack of understanding, therefore, asked online “water-cooling CPU radiator to add water?” the friend is also a lot of to the question.

Generally, water-cooled radiator contains water block, circulating fluid, water pumps, pipes and tanks or heat exchanger, compared with the ordinary to the complex number of air-cooled radiator, the biggest advantage is to improve the CPU or graphics card heat dissipation.

Q: water cooling radiator with water?

A: because the water cooling system has been injected into the cooling liquid, and the liquid water circulating in a closed path circulation flow and leakage of water cooling radiator, so do not usually require routine maintenance, that is to say, a water-cooling radiator is not water. In addition to non-human causes leakage, the need to replace the entire liquid circulation module.


Brand of a gleam of water cooled radiating arms basic service life in five years, during which there will be a small amount of liquid evaporation, general as long as no more than 15%, the basic will not affect the normal use, coupled with the current computer also is generally three five years of life, so everyone in the use of water-cooled radiator, not considering changing water, to remove will only damage to the pipe, causing cold fluid leakage, thereby affecting the use of.

Further analysis of CPU mainstream cooling technology

With transistor integrated CPU per unit area, the number increasing, the increasing number of transistors can make the energy consumption and the conversion of heat soared, more seriously, it is concentrated in a very small size, which will bring huge difficulty for heat dissipation. If not effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation, this will be a major obstacle in CPU overclocking, radiator so give CPU choose a quality and good heat dissipation effect is particularly important.

In addition to CPU, overclocking graphics cards also A new force suddenly rises. in recent years, the number of top desktop GPU integrated graphics transistor has several times in the CPU. For example, the NVIDIA G70 core of the show, the integration of the 302000000 transistor, is 1.31 times of Athlon64 X2 4800, integrated a as the acme of perfection, because the number of transistors is astonishing, quantity of heat, graphics are quite objective, GeForce 7950GX2 TDP has reached 140 kilowatts, power level is not inferior to any desktop processor. In the graphics overclocking, combination of dry ice and artillery have used quite widely, creating 3D Mark world record card without exception with the cooling way rather extreme.

The cooling way common air cooling, water cooling and several dry ice / liquid nitrogen. After several schemes with respect, air-cooled radiator because of lower cost, manufacturing technology is mature, platform high adaptability and widely used, plus some have the strength of manufacturers to develop two times on the air-cooled Technology (such as new heat pipe radiator), still occupy the mainstream market to the radiator.

Hydraulic bearing

As one of the world’s largest manufacturer of AVC radiator in leading technical change CPU fan in the process of role can not be ignored, the magnetic hydraulic bearing and fold fan technology there is no doubt become a dazzling bright spot fan technology development in the process of. Magnetic fluid bearing technology of AVC in the design of novel and unique, it suspended the use of magnetic structure with the height of oil film lubrication, prolong the using life of fan, which can not only achieve the dual ball bearing stability and longevity of the objective, and successfully solves the problem of noise when running at high temperature.

The magnetic fluid bearing improved the traditional fan base non seal design, seal up all the fan at the bottom, forming a sealed oil retaining design. This effectively prevents the lubricating grease volatilization and dust into the fan inside. The result is fan service life can be prolonged. Traditional fan because the bottom is non seal design, too much lube oil cannot store. The magnetic hydraulic bearing with closed bottom, designed the large oil storage space, can store a large amount of lubricating grease. This makes the bearings keep lubrication state, greatly improving the stability of the fan used.

Suspension silent fan

Choi Fung developed suspension silent fan technology unique Colorful. The suspension type mute fan ingeniously will support fan and line layout to the fan on top, the air channel without any obstacles, air directly into the radiating fin group. This has the effect of reducing both the air because the fan supporting rod obstacles caused by wind disturbance and wheezing sound, but also has the protective effect of fan cover in the external environment.

Nano bearing fan

Foxconn is a nano bearing fan technology main drive manufacturers, so that Foxconn has become the most characteristic of the patent technology. Bearing is one of the core components of the fan, and have a significant impact fan bearing quality will mainly work on the efficiency of the fan, the fan’s service life and other aspects, nano ceramic bearing technology Foxconn adopts nanometer polymeric materials full fusion and special additives, made of die and sintering process, including ceramic powder, has a strong, smooth, wear-resistant properties, can withstand more severe environment, including acid, oxidation, high temperature in different environment. Fan bearing made use of this material will be able to maintain the local high temperature internal more stable working state and the resistance of the chassis, with a longer life. The average service life of double ball bearing fan general in about 80000 hours, and the fan nano bearing service life can reach 12 to 150000 hours, greatly prolong the using time of radiator. In addition, Foxconn ceramic bearing surface is very smooth, the friction coefficient is bearing steel 1/8, its direct benefit is the fan rotates in high speed situation, not easy to wear and heat, nature also can withstand the long time work test. But from the current sales situation to see, because of the cost, this kind of product sales is not very good.