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Laptop keyboard membrane affect the heat

Many friends ask summer high temperature notebook high heat film will not affect the heat, in fact, keyboard protective film is a kind of used to protect the notebook keyboard products, he can prevent the water melon seed shells, scraps of paper, the entry of foreign matter such as notebook, so as to protect the notebook to a certain extent. But the cover membrane keyboard will cause great influence not to notebook internal radiation?

Objectively speaking, notebook keyboard membrane will definitely affect the internal body heat. But the impact will not be very obvious, mainly by the design structure of notebook of internal body to decide. Some laptops at design time, will carry on the auxiliary radiating from the keyboard. While some laptops at design time, you don’t need the keyboard auxiliary heat.

So before buying membrane keyboard, related data to find the best notebook. In addition, membrane keyboard is divided into “special” and “general” two categories. Special keyboard membrane is in a series or a certain type of notebook special customized products, no key basic hysteresis, and laptop keyboard can be a very good fit, so try to choose special products at the time of purchase. If there is no smoke, eat and drink with computer habits, no protective film also never mind.

There are many people who have bought notebook computer, the relative number of ordinary people to buy a laptop computer will take us half a month and a month or even longer time, of course, take good care, so how to maintain a good notebook computer is what our life will do.

Time in the market to buy a keyboard protective film after coming back and spread them on the adsorption on the keyboard is found on the computer, then we’ll worry about the keyboard membrane will affect cooling problems. In fact, notebook cooling of heat is not the keyboard, but specifically his heat, so we don’t have to worry about when using the keyboard membrane heat dissipation problems.

MSI ms-1491 fan

Notebook cooling solutions

Summer is coming, the weather is dry and hot, computer will also because of poor heat dissipation caused problems, not just the summer prone to poor cooling notebook computer, table computer may also appear poor cooling, resulting in computer is not stable, appear all kinds of computer failure, or even burn out the hardware. The reason of notebook cooling is not good are the following:

1, CPU heat radiating device and CPU Jerry (manufacturers under the market competition and the pressure of price war had to do, with the original large copper, now reduced volume and even the use of aluminum).

2, fan wind is not enough or unreasonable design.

3, the design is not perfect, heat can not be distributed in time.

4, housing materials heat dissipation ability is poor, especially the use of plastic, and aluminum alloy would be a lot better.

5, the use of graphics card machine will further increase the heat, and the common electronic components will also increase the heat (low-end models that may be the case).

6, due to thin the volume and weight constraints have to compress radiating module, reducing the internal space is also affect the heat.

7, due to save the board material, the heat and promotion, a root cause is also the problem of heat dissipation.

Notebook cooling is easy to fall into a cycle of death: the poor heat dissipation — temperature rise — cooling fan to work — fan aging, increased noise — cooling capacity decreased — this temperature is higher, the radiator damage, although the business models, this ratio is not particularly high, but still can not be ignored.

Notebook cooling solution

The most radical approach to computer, dust, notebook with long time use, the machine will have a large number of dust accumulation, affect the notebook cooling, so regular removal, hands-on ability can do it yourself cleaning, finally customer service to send the almost right, now think of ash are money, new computer and computer increased in number on the computer private buildings design, all kinds of buttons, so suggest you sent to professional departments.


Do not want to spend money to friends on the computer base slightly up a little, such as looking for two bottles of beer, or metal lid lid similar can pad below two mat in the notebook back, so that your books are a 3 ~ 5 degree elevation can increase heat dissipation, space, cooling capacity also be improved. If still not satisfied with this, only to spend money to buy the radiator, USB cooling fan, the base is now cheap, dozens of pieces of money can buy, the effect is also good, often play the game, you can buy a ventilation type radiator.


Start from the software aspect, attention usually little run large programs, or one-time open a program to increase the load of CPU, especially with the only significant notebook, try to develop a habit of cleaning up litter and unwanted process, it can effectively prevent the temperature too high.

Laptop Cooling tips

1. Heatsink

The role of the fins is sent to the CPU to the heat sink , and then the heat away from the cooling fan . A good heatsink should have a larger effective heat dissipation area, high thermal conductivity and heat capacity. Good heat sink, is inseparable from good materials and good design and manufacturing process.

From the heat sink material points, divided into aluminum , copper and copper-aluminum combination of three kinds . Good heat dissipation aluminum , light weight and easy to process, plus the cost is relatively low, so low-end radiators on the market are mostly made ​​of aluminum . But now the CPU heat alarming, generally aluminum heat sink has been difficult to deal with , so this article does not generally aluminum heat sink for detailing . Here the author focuses on the combination of copper and copper-aluminum heatsink.

Copper aluminum is high thermal conductivity material, the system of thermal conductivity of aluminum is 735 kj/(M.H.K), the coefficient of thermal conductivity of copper is 1386 kj/(M.H.K), when all other conditions are the same, the copper heat conduction in the unit time is nearly two times of aluminum. If the aluminum heat sink to switch to copper to make, the heat conduction rate, of course, there will be a very substantial increase, but the cost of heat sink has a lot of ascension, is not only the material costs have risen, and the processing technology of copper than aluminum complex. And while copper instantaneous heat absorption ability is better than aluminum, but the cooling speed is slower than aluminum, heat capacity is lower than aluminum, under the premise of the same heat, temperature rise is higher than aluminum. Cooperate well, therefore, if the cooling fan, air volume is not enough, the effect will be a big discount. So, pure copper radiator are expensive, for overclocking and high-end CPU heat dissipation.

2. The harm of high temperature

According to the theory of electronics, the improvement of frequency (on the premise of stable) for the semiconductor electronic components life won’t have influence, but the frequency is high, it will produce more heat, electronic components such as CPU, memory, etc., surface area is very small, the heat generated by the more are gathered in this small place, such as heat dissipation is not good will produce a high temperature, causing “electronic migration” phenomenon, and the present computer frequency is higher and higher, plus a gang and our DIY overclocking, in order to get more performance and applied voltage as a result, there will be more hot.

“Electronic migration” phenomenon, as a result of heat will damage the semiconductor electronic components. In order to prevent the occurrence of “electronic migration” phenomenon, we should control the surface temperature of the CPU below 50 degrees Celsius, so that the internal temperature of CPU can maintain under 80 degrees, “electronic migration” phenomena will happen. “Electronic migration” phenomenon is not immediately damage chip, it damaged the chip is a slow process, more or less will reduce the life of the CPU.

So what is “electronic migration”? “Electronic migration” belongs to the field of electronic science, in the early 1960 s were widely understand, refers to the flow of electrons in the metal atoms migration phenomenon. On the current strength high conductor, the most typical is the integrated circuit inside the circuit, the flow of electrons to the metal atoms above a momentum, and makes the metal atoms from the metal surface flow around, the result is metal wire holes or mound is formed on the surface, causing permanent damage, this is a slow process, once happened, it will be more and more serious, at the end of the day can cause the short circuit of the circuit, the CPU or integrated circuit for reimbursement.

“Electronic migration” phenomenon is affected by many factors, one of which is the strength of the current, the higher the current intensity, “electronic migration” phenomenon becomes more significant. From the development of integrated circuit, we can find that, for the sake of reducing the core of the integrated circuit such as CPU, must do line more fine more thin, so, the line current strength is big, so the flow of electrons to metal atoms by the momentum is very significant, can easily from the surface of metal atoms from the sloshing around, forming holes or mounds. Another factor is that the temperature, high temperature helped to bring about the “electronic migration”, that is why we need to hold the temperature of the CPU below 50.

Overheating is bad for your lapotp

Laptops in living and working outside, plays a very important role. But laptops in terms of heat dissipation, always know more “chicken ribs”. However, good industrial design and workmanship, in the aspect of heat better than general notebook out naturally a lot. Each of us is not necessarily a rich man, however, may not have so much budget to buy a high-end. Don’t worry, the small make up and talk to you about laptop heat dissipation considerations, the use of after you will have a lot of help.

Notebook cooling has a problem, not only affect the normal use and office, appeared frequently automatic shutdown, crashes, and so on and so forth, appear more laptop explosion, cause harm to consumers, and so on and so forth have happened. In 2006, is a very hot summer, a consumer is using laptop suddenly explosion, the notebook to the forefront, triggered a series of battery recall. In fact, the notebook battery explosion culprit is too hot! Now, of course, with a laptop battery raw material improvement, notebook explosion has rarely heard.

Computer according to the heat dissipation work in the manner of cooling can be divided into active cooling and passive cooling two kinds. Active cooling is very simple, is through the heat sink to the CPU as natural heat into the air. Because it is a natural send out quantity of heat, the effect is not very good, the heat dissipation effect is proportional to the size of heat sink. But its biggest advantage is that no extra power consumption, and don’t have to worry about is in danger of fan is broken. That this way of heat dissipation is often used in the space there is no special requirements of military or professional equipment. But for personal use notebook, now almost all adopts passive cooling method, passive cooling by fan cooling device, such as compulsive to heat away from the heat sink, its characteristic is high cooling efficiency, small volume and equipment.
So, notebook of those components will generate heat? We will first thought – processor. In addition to the processor, optical drive (super itself has few), hard drives, monitors, graphics CARDS, northbridge, battery, memory, and so on all is the place that generate heat. Only good will be exported to heat, can very good use notebook computer for a long time.
Laptop heat dissipation, are generally follow the cold air from the bottom of the cooling hole into the notebook inside, cold and hot air flow are formed by internal cooling system, a cooling fan out from the side, and then apply form circulating cooling mode. General design better cooling notebook will also adopt some special air duct diversion design, using the cooling hole position and internal structure layout form better air circulation environment, to strengthen the cooling. However, each manufacturer has its own cooling solutions.
In general, a lot of friends will choose to assist in the notebook radiator cooling. This is indeed a very good solution, but as time passes into the dust in the interior fuselage would more than do not use the radiator.
The heatsink moudle of the laptop
The heat to make a notebook, a rapid evacuation, mainly depends on the advanced and effective cooling technology. The laptop cooling technology mainly include water cooling, heat pipe cooling, plate and shell heat dissipation, etc, which laptop due to the internal space and the limitation of the power consumption, heat pipe cooling technology is one of the most traditional way is currently the most widely used heat dissipation. Heat pipe cooling technique is simply “fan + + cooling plate heat pipe” combination, on the motherboard, CPU card, northbridge etc. Through the cooling pads pass quantity of heat to heat the brass, at the same time in the hot copper pipe at the other end of the high-speed fan will be the heat in the copper pipe to evacuate out, so as to realize the cooling purposes.
Many friends will think double copper tube heat dissipation is better than the single copper tube heat dissipation, but the idea is one-sided. Laptop was considered in the design to use what kind of operating mode, if the power is big, notebook inside the processor, discrete graphics, such as hot big, the engineers will choose pair of brass or copper pipe cooling way. Now super Ben and deformation of PC, have adopted low voltage processor, core graphics, will not produce as much heat, so no equipped with double copper cooling technique. The author also believes that may also be for reasons of reducing body weight, and adopts the single copper tube heat dissipation.
When do not use the radiator, and we will want to other ways to help laptop heat dissipation. For example, when we are in the office on the Internet at ordinary times, can the laptop power supply plan for energy saving mode, will reduce the screen brightness. If equipped with independent video card, when not playing games, discrete graphics can be shut down, thereby reducing energy consumption, to achieve the effect of lower calorific value.
Don’t know if you have the laptop screen directly closed, away into a backpack? When we close the computer directly to the screen directly, the computer will be according to the Settings before entering a state of sleep or sleep. Although similar meaning, but there are some different. Sleep is just keep the memory power, reserved memory data, close the hardware such as CPU, hard disk, will produce a certain quantity of heat, advantage is fast startup, defect is need a small amount of electricity. Dormancy is the current memory data saved to the hard disk to form a dormant file and memory size, and then close all hardware, also is shut down, the hibernation file directly into the next time you start memory boot, boot after the computer back to a dormant state, such as you sleep, programs and files did not shut down, boot program and the file remains open.
You may have noticed, if the laptop is entering sleep mode, and put in the backpack, heat spread out inside the package, will make the computer body temperature increased a lot, for a long time high temperature will have very adverse effect on the notebook hardware.
Conclusion: laptop heat dissipation is not allow to ignore, if the fuselage overheating, light harm the laptop hardware, or battery explosion caused personal injury. How to simply determine whether laptop heat dissipation is good, can withstand the test? In fact this is not a difficult task: usually, the location of the outlet is the highest temperature area, warm touch feeling, with the hand touching the keyboard operation area, feeling cool palm rest position, shows the fuselage heat dissipation effect is excellent.

Stop your laptop overheating

While all laptops will get very hot, there are several ways to help prevent overheating and crashing:

* Use a usb-powered cooling pad. This won’t keep it from getting hot but will help slow down the rate at which it gets hot, Dell Inspiron 1464 cooling fan.

*Make sure your vents are not blocked in any way. This is the only way a laptop can expell hot air and blocking them is the equivalent of cutting off your air supply. Routinely take canned air and place the straw inside each of the vent holes and give it a quick shot of air to help blow away internal dust that may be preventing the heatsink from doing its job (be careful as too much air can go past the heatsink and make the fan spin off its bearings, messing it up)

You may also wish to open up your laptop and carefully dust the inside components with canned air but doing this usually voids warranty so it’s probably best to wait until your warranty is expired. If you open your laptop off, you may also conside applying some cooling paste to the heatsink itself (there are several sites that will show you how to do this)

* Give your laptop a break. When you notice your computer getting very hot, save your progress, close down your programs and give it a break for 30-60 minutes to let it cool down some. Resoure-intensive programs like video editing, photoshop and games will make a laptop get hot faster than anything else.

* Never use your laptop on a soft surface like a bed, blanket, etc. These can easily block the vents and trap heat inside without you even realizing it. Take the same precaution for your power adapter. I had a power adapter fry on me because I inadvertantly had it covered by a blanket.

*When not using your laptop (such as when you’re sleeping), power it off and allow it several hours to cool internal components off, Hp Pavilion G7-2234ca fan.

If you want to keep your laptop, take these precautions and do NOT let your laptop overheat to the point where it shuts itself down. This actually does harm to your computer. With my last laptop I was naive to the overheating problem and it messed up my hard drive to where windows wouldn’t even start right and would crash randomly. You need to ask yourself what’s worse: having to stop working for a bit or having your computer permanently damaged by overheating?

Tips to keep Your Laptop from Overheating

Don’t use your laptop on soft surfaces such as a sofa, carpeting or pillow! Any vents located on the bottom of your laptop will be blocked and airflow will be reduced causing it to overheat. Use a lap desk, tray table or even a wooden cutting board to provide a solid, flat surface to allow proper airflow Hp Pavilion Dv6-6000 cooling fan.

Use a can of compressed air on your fan once in a month so that any dust or unwanted particles get cleared for the smooth functioning of the fan. Using a vacuum may cause ESD and damage the components to your laptop.

If you’ve had your laptop for a while, consider replacing its battery.
Be sure to clean out your laptop thoroughly once in while to avoid dust particles entering in places they are not needed.

Simply add the spare wire grill tray from your toaster oven or even your regular oven. Balance is perfect and air circulation is just as perfect.

SMCfancontrol which allows you to set up different fan speeds depending on what the mac is doing and I keep the temp around 40 degrees, use it to keep your laptop cool.

Cool down an overheated laptop

A hot computer is a bad computer. Excess heat can cause malfunctions and crashes, and permanently damage your hardware. And although laptops generally put out less heat than desktops (energy efficiency is a higher design priority), they have their own unique problems. They’re rarely as well ventilated as a desktop, and much more difficult to clean.

Keeping a laptop cool is all about ventilation. If the hot air can’t escape, you’re going to have a problem.

Whenever your laptop is on, make sure that nothing blocks the vents (which are probably on the sides). Don’t put the PC on a pillow or a soft mattress, where it’s likely to sink in and get blocked.

And never, ever put your laptop in a bag unless it’s off, hybernated, or in sleep mode.

You’ll rarely find vents at the bottom of a laptop, yet heat tends to accumulate there. If the bottom is hot to the touch, consider buying a laptop cooler–a pad that goes under the laptop and whisks away the heat. Many of them have fans. Prices range from about $8 to $40.

I’m not going to recommend a particular model because I don’t use one. At least for my laptop, an empty but sturdy cardboard box is sufficient.

If you let dust accumulate in a PC, you’re bound to have problems. And you’ll have to fix those problems with a good cleaning.

Marco Chiappetta described the cleaning process in You’re a dirty, dirty, dusty PC. But he used a desktop, and desktop PCs are designed for easy user maintenance.

Laptops are trickier. You can try using a can of compressed air (I bought one recently for $4) to blow the dust away from the vents. But that’s a very limited solution. The dust may get away from the vent, but it’s still inside the PC.

Try this: Shut down the laptop and turn it over. Examine the bottom. You’ll likely find panels that can be removed with a small screwdriver. Open them up and see what you get access to. If you see dust, clean it away with compressed air.

Unfortunately, the real dust problem may be in places that require a more complicated dismantling. If you feel comfortable taking apart a laptop, go ahead. Otherwise, you may want to take it to a professional.

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