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MSI GS70 laptops disassembly


Preparation tool is simple enough for a Phillips screwdriver, preferably with tweezers, then be prepared to dismantle the radiator thermal grease.


Many first remove all the screws GS70 bottom of the fuselage, the number to be patient. Note that the red circle inside the two length is longer, the remaining specifications same. The bottom cover is surrounded by some of the plastic retaining tabs, opening the lid when the action to light.


MSI GS70 inside the main device Overview


MSI GS70 CPU cooler regions show


MSI GS70 The GPU heatsink area show. If the machine running the load is not high, and there is no single significant resources to call, then Fengyun fan is not working to reduce noise.


MSI GS70 has two internal mSATA slots for installing dual SSDs. With a wireless network card.


MSI GS70 processor and heat sink , with two heat pipes.


GS70 ‘s GeForce GTX 765M graphics card and the heat sink , also has dual heat pipes and fins cover memory chips above.


Dell Vostro 3000


On June 8, 2015, the leading global provider of IT products and solutions vendors Dell today unveiled a new generation of Vostro product line notebook computers to meet SMEs, home offices and mobile business’s unique requirements. Vostro achievements 14 and 15 business notebook 3000 series with exquisite design, provide necessary functions, is a growth-oriented entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs value-choice of office equipment. Dell on this carefully before making use of the latest Intel processor and the latest NVIDIA discrete graphics, superb, simple and functional design it shows style and professionalism.

Dell consumer and small and medium enterprises business unit Vice President Phil Bryant, said: “we have listened to those who seek business from Dell support users and feedback from channel partners and launched a series of Dell Vostro products. Vostro product line has been the professionals are synonymous with high efficiency and small and medium enterprises, the new Vostro 3000 Series notebook carrying-optimized processor, together with the wide range of graphics options and connection ports, combines design details, helping consumers and businesses to work efficiently. ”

New Vostro achievements 14 and 15 series laptop for those who need high speed, high performance and practical business professionals, providing the function of function and the perfect balance between performance, enabling it to work efficiently. Laptop equipped with a new fifth-generation Intel processor (the highest optional core i5), whether it be in the restaurant business, is still free in the Home Office, business people can switch between spreadsheets and presentations with ease. Vostro series 14 up to 9 hours battery life, and Vostro 15 series laptop battery life of up to 8 hours and 42 minutes, can meet the needs of daily Mobile Office. If you need to run the graphics demanding applications or uninterrupted tasking, user can also select the NVIDIA 2GB memory built-in discrete graphics and 8GB high-speed memory.

New Vostro 3000 notebook series less than 24 mm thickness, thinner than the previous generation and improves mobility. Solid black micro-line enclosure design to enhance touch, making equipment in daily use and move from scratch.

In addition, the optical drive, VGA interface, anti-glare HD display, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10-key numeric keypad (only 15 inch notebook equipped) and 1TB to store the data capacity of the hard disk to help you smooth Office, Internet at any time.

New Vostro series laptops is part of Dell’s family of business solutions. Dell offers a full range of product solutions, able to meet the needs of any business, whether it is only 5 startup or staff size of 5000 companies. Dell clearly any business are not exactly the same, therefore launched the upgraded version of the Latitude portfolio provides a wide range of high quality, fully functional mobile business solution can meet the needs of any user. In addition to Mobile Office provides important connectivity and manageability features, comfort and convenience of the Dell Data Protection Solutions with the industry’s most secure and manageable business solution, allowing users to focus on business growth Dell ProSupport Plus for PCs and Tablets, is a unique collection of expert support, accidental damage repair, proactive predictive monitoring of a full range of support services, Automatically prevent and solve problems; ProSupport Plus for Enterprise is the small and medium enterprises the best partner for end-to-end IT management environment.

Dell inspiron 15 n5040 Laptop Review

Dell inspiron 15 n5040 specifications:

SYSTEM Dell Inspiron 15 N5040
PROCESSOR Intel®Core™ i3-380M 2.53Ghz
MEMORY 4GB DDR3 Memory (Max: 8GB)
HARD DRIVE 500GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)
OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows® 7 Professional
VIDEO CARD Intel® HD Graphic
INTERNAL OPTICAL DRIVE 8X CD / DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive), Tray-load
DISPLAY 15.6″ High Definition (LED with TrueLife™ Display
WEBCAM Yes – Integrated Webcam + Mic
CARD READER Yes – 3-in-1 Card Reader
PORTS Include 3 x USB 2.0, VGA, HDMI
CONNECTIVITY Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4G)
SOUND High Definition Dell Audio – 2 speakers (2 Watt each)
BATTERY OPTIONS 6-Cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery
SYSTEM COLORS Obsidian Black & Dark Red

If you desire a laptop that offers power features and is still priced at the affordable level, don’t look any farther than this configuration of the Dell Inspiron 15 N5040 laptop. The Inspiron remains one of Dell’s most popular products and that’s purely on the strength of its reliability and performance. This is a sturdy laptop with simple, very attractive styling. dell inspiron 1545 fan

The 2nd generation Intel Core i3 processor 2.53GHz delivers the power you need for brisk performance – you get your work done fast and easy. Add the 4GB DDR3 random Access memory (RAM) and you can begin to sense the performance to expect from this Dell machine. Whats more – the roomy chiclet keyboard is designed to speed up your productivity. dell inspiron n5040 fan

Dell Inspiron 13 7000 laptop

Flip screen touch this product in the past one year, more and more , and this type of product on the shaft design test is to determine the maximum damping, paragraph needs to do a good job at the beginning of product design . Damping effects of opening and closing of the experience is too large , too small, the impact of screen stability, so the flip screen touch this part requires a lot of effort in the shaft.

Dell launched a new spirit of the 137,000 is such a product , the shape of the new spirit of our evaluation before the 11 has a similar design. In addition to flip -touch design than Dell 137 000 also joined the stylus , this stylus is hidden in the body which, at the time did not come to be as nice decoration. But this stylus for capacitive, not electromagnetic, good accuracy is good. In addition , equipped with fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor smart.









Dell inspiron 13r CPU fan

Dell Latitude E74440 overview

Dell Latitude E7440 notebook membership series , is designed for business users to launch the product . Latitude is Dell’s high-end business series , is more reliable than the low end of the Vostro series , with a solid work much favored by business people , but it also has efficient management , high scalability , and long life cycle and other features !

Before dismantling the configuration parameters of this E7440 look under it.

Dell E7440 is an ultra -pole of this , it has the characteristics of ultra-extreme , relatively thin thickness of 21mm, although not really the thinnest , but already regarded as visually thin product of the ~ light , although the weight should be light , weighs only 1.63Kg, or to allow business people to accept.

Hard disk type SSD solid state drive , which is necessary because most products are now applied SSD , so this Dell must do.

14 inches screen with 1920×1080 resolution , for general applications, watch movies, play games and so have to mention , the 14-inch screen size for business people who travel frequently enough.

Memory 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz ( low voltage version ) , needless to say, also affect the size of laptop memory The speed of the important factors , therefore , 4GB relative to 2GB of memory that is definitely a big improvement , it also depends on the user’s actual feelings.

Graphics chip : Intel GMA HD 4400, a good graphics card configuration , no user requirements are too high , this card is definitely enough.

A brief introduction about the Dell E7440, we give below to share it under teardown process.










Cpu fan for Dell Latitude E7440 laptops.

Disassemble Asus M50S laptop





For ordinary users, up to upgrade Asus M50s or very convenient, the main products back baffle fixed by screws, fixed buckle is not much, we only need to unscrew the screw, can be easily taken down baffle, replacement of internal hardware.
The other main hardware Asus M50s were concentrated on the other a big baffle, from the picture below, we can see that this part is mainly composed of memory, processor, Beiqiao chip, wireless network card, video card and the heat dissipation module.
Next let us have a look the radiating module M50s. The radiating part of this product is mainly composed of a fan, the metal fin heat pipe, copper and aluminum heat sinks. One copper heat pipe for processor and Beiqiao chip cooling, the metal fins, a fan removal of heat from the cooling hole on the left side of the host.
Radiating module.
The processor cooling, is responsible for the graphics part of heat and a heat pipes.
Graphics card cooling module
We put the heat dissipation module M50s removed, we can see that it has two main parts processing unit and display unit, processor unit is connected with fan, and graphics unit mainly passive cooling, with the help of the processor unit fan effect, the heat discharge.
The radiating module

Now more and more strong performance of mobile graphics card, memory particles high natural little also not conductive silicone auxiliary heat.

Tips for compaq presario v3000 laptop

About clean the compaq presario v3000 cpu cooling fan, there has been some related articles for V3000 series dismantling process online , though less detailed talk , but just follow the icons, careful studies will be able to smoothly open . It should be noted the following questions:

(1 ) After open the cover wireless card cover, there are  internal fixation screws. After winning a hard disk , there are three screws in the following, if not more than a few screws removed, the demolition will have trouble behind the palm rest ;

(2 ) Battery scored two rows of three small , three large common six screws, three large fixed keyboard use, such as a keyboard , then you only need to change the big twist three down, then up the keyboard gently pumping can win , attention Underneath cable connection ;

( 3 ) the location of the drive door , above the inside there are two screws must be removed in order to Satisfy successfully won ;

( 4 ) Cable demolition method, remember that cables do not pull straight down , both sides have a cable clamp , where the direction of a pull cable , the cable will be easy to remove .

( 5 ) After removed the above-mentioned screws and the cover screws , you can start the power switch and volume control panel where the win , which is fixed with a snap , gently pry win that can , pay attention to the sound and the power switch control cable cord .

How to disassemble toshiba satellite P755 P750

1. First of all, make sure the laptop is powered off. Unlock and remove the battery.


2. You’ll find two covers on the bottom of the laptop – the memory cover and hard drive cover. Loosen screws securing both covers. Lift up and remove both covers.



3. Slide the hard drive to the left to disconnect it from the motherboard. Lift up and remove the hard drive.



4. Both memory slots/modules can be accessed on the bottom of the laptop.


5. Remove one screw securing the DVD drive on the bottom of the laptop. Pull the DVD drive from the laptop and remove it.



6. Remove two screws securing the keyboard.



7. Insert a piece of soft plastic between the keyboard and top cover and carefully lift up the keyboard. I’m using the guitar pick for that. After the top side of the keyboard lifted up you can continue removing it with your fingers.



8. Lift up the top side of the keyboard as it shown on the picture.



9. Move the keyboard towards the screen so you can access cable connectors located under the keyboard. There are two cables: data cable and backlight cable. In the following two steps I show how to unlock both connectors and release cables.



Shop cpu fan for toshiba satellite P755



How to disassemble hp pavilion g4 series laptops

Tools : demolition this machine just a small cross and a small word on the line ( some clean used )




The back of the screws ripped out . ( Remember to take place all screws packed in a small box Onwards , the best a label : the back . )



When all the screws are removed out, put the piece of shell by hand pull up , open it.




Remove the hard drive.



These screws inside then ripped out . Incidentally, the wireless card removed . (Remember, a box with another Put them all up, and label : Internal )
Remove the CD-ROM
Remove the laptop keyboard
Remove the motherboard

How to disassemble toshiba satellite P300

1. Turn off the laptop, unplug the power adapter and remove the battery.
In the battery compartment remove three screws securing the keyboard bezel.


2. Remove the keyboard bezel with a small flathead screwdriver.


3. Remove two screws from the keyboard.



4. Lift up the keyboard as it shown on the picture and place it upside down on the palm rest.



5. Unlock the connector on the motherboard and release the keyboard cable. Remove the keyboard.



6. Remove one screw securing the CD/DVD drive.



7. Push the CD/DVD drive from the laptop and remove it.



8. Remove hard drive 1, hard drive 2 and memory covers.



9. Remove two screws securing the hard drive 1.



10. Slide the hard drive to the left until it’s disconnected from the motherboard. Remove the hard drive. There is no hard drive 2 in my laptop.



11. Disconnect three antenna cables from the wireless card (yellow arrows). Remove two screws securing the wireless card and remove the card. Remove both memory modules. Spread latches on both sides from the memory module. Pull the memory module from the slot.



12. Remove all screws from the bottom of the notebook.



13. There is one screw hidden under the black mylar in the hard drive 1 compartment. Remove the screw.



14. There are two more screws hidden under the black mylar in the hard drive 2 compartment. Remove both screws.



15. Remove two screws securing the display hinges.



16. Remove three screws securing the top cover assembly. Disconnect three ribbon cables from the motherboard (simply pull each cable from the connector).



17. Lift up and remove the top cover assembly.



18. View on the notebook with the top cover removed.


19. Disconnect the LCD cable from the motherboard (left arrow). Pull the wireless card antenna cables (right arrow).



20. Remove six screw securing the notebook display assembly.  Three screws from each hinge.


21. Lift up and remove the display panel assembly.



22. Remove two screws securing the motherboard. Remove four screws secruing the CD/DVD drive cable.



23. Start removing the motherboard as it shown on the picture.



24. Before you can remove the motherboard, you’ll have to unplug two more cables pointed with red arrows.



25. The motherboard has been removed.



26. Unplug the CD/DVD drive cable.



27. Remove three screws securing the video card (VGA board).



28. Carefully lift up the video card and disconnect it from the motherboard.



29. Remove four screws securing the CPU heat sink assembly. Unplug the cooling fan cable from the motherboard.



30. Lift up and remove the CPU heat sink assembly with the cooling fan.



31. Finally, unlock the CPU socket and remove the CPU.