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Dell Vostro 3000


On June 8, 2015, the leading global provider of IT products and solutions vendors Dell today unveiled a new generation of Vostro product line notebook computers to meet SMEs, home offices and mobile business’s unique requirements. Vostro achievements 14 and 15 business notebook 3000 series with exquisite design, provide necessary functions, is a growth-oriented entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs value-choice of office equipment. Dell on this carefully before making use of the latest Intel processor and the latest NVIDIA discrete graphics, superb, simple and functional design it shows style and professionalism.

Dell consumer and small and medium enterprises business unit Vice President Phil Bryant, said: “we have listened to those who seek business from Dell support users and feedback from channel partners and launched a series of Dell Vostro products. Vostro product line has been the professionals are synonymous with high efficiency and small and medium enterprises, the new Vostro 3000 Series notebook carrying-optimized processor, together with the wide range of graphics options and connection ports, combines design details, helping consumers and businesses to work efficiently. ”

New Vostro achievements 14 and 15 series laptop for those who need high speed, high performance and practical business professionals, providing the function of function and the perfect balance between performance, enabling it to work efficiently. Laptop equipped with a new fifth-generation Intel processor (the highest optional core i5), whether it be in the restaurant business, is still free in the Home Office, business people can switch between spreadsheets and presentations with ease. Vostro series 14 up to 9 hours battery life, and Vostro 15 series laptop battery life of up to 8 hours and 42 minutes, can meet the needs of daily Mobile Office. If you need to run the graphics demanding applications or uninterrupted tasking, user can also select the NVIDIA 2GB memory built-in discrete graphics and 8GB high-speed memory.

New Vostro 3000 notebook series less than 24 mm thickness, thinner than the previous generation and improves mobility. Solid black micro-line enclosure design to enhance touch, making equipment in daily use and move from scratch.

In addition, the optical drive, VGA interface, anti-glare HD display, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10-key numeric keypad (only 15 inch notebook equipped) and 1TB to store the data capacity of the hard disk to help you smooth Office, Internet at any time.

New Vostro series laptops is part of Dell’s family of business solutions. Dell offers a full range of product solutions, able to meet the needs of any business, whether it is only 5 startup or staff size of 5000 companies. Dell clearly any business are not exactly the same, therefore launched the upgraded version of the Latitude portfolio provides a wide range of high quality, fully functional mobile business solution can meet the needs of any user. In addition to Mobile Office provides important connectivity and manageability features, comfort and convenience of the Dell Data Protection Solutions with the industry’s most secure and manageable business solution, allowing users to focus on business growth Dell ProSupport Plus for PCs and Tablets, is a unique collection of expert support, accidental damage repair, proactive predictive monitoring of a full range of support services, Automatically prevent and solve problems; ProSupport Plus for Enterprise is the small and medium enterprises the best partner for end-to-end IT management environment.