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MFAA ultra-high efficiency of anti-aliasing

Speed ​​and quality has always been the ultimate goal of the two 3D games to pursue, but many times the speed and quality of fish and can not have both always wanted to open the advanced effects will inevitably lead to the loss of fluency dropped frames , so hardware manufacturers constantly need to develop more powerful GPU, software vendors need to develop a more efficient graphics technology.

Anti-aliasing (Anti-Aliasing, abbreviated as AA) is such a very special graphics technology, which can significantly improve the game screen performance, but also makes a substantial decline in the game frame . So over the years , both the graphics card manufacturer or game developers , are efforts to improve the efficiency of anti-aliasing , the development of new anti-aliasing mode, so the game quality gets better , but that does not make too much performance loss.

Therefore, we must have heard or seen the following in one or more of the anti-aliasing , such as : MSAA, CSAA, CFAA, FXAA, TSAA …… Today I will give a detailed interpretation of 3D games is how to generate a sawtooth Recalling the most common MSAA technology principles , advantages and disadvantages , and finally introduces a highly efficient NVIDIA newly developed anti-aliasing technology –MFAA.