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How to disassemble the Lenovo Thinkpad W510

Lenovo Thinkpad W510 notebook also launched some time , the books of the big screen to watch movies play the game should be a pleasure , but most people buy a high-end notebook back to see this movie is a bit wasteful Oh, W510 are generally engaged in a graphic design and 3D Figure and other special uses, today we will detail below we start dismantling W510 will now be taken out of the laptop battery and power.


Keyboard has the original T6 or T400 series is not the same, more closely , but the greater the edge of the speaker , I feel very ugly.


Here is the dismantling of the former W510 back close-up , above the middle position is the battery that is used to expand the middle W510 notebook memory , lower right position is the position of this notebook hard drive installation.


The back marked with small keyboard marks all the screws, we will be able to push the front keyboard, take out, pay attention to take keyboard has a cable, keyboard below can see fan position as well as a memory slot, palm rest front position is the wireless network card position, stay out of a mini PCI slot, and a red and blue of the antenna is used to install the 3G wireless network card use.


W510 like such a big -screen notebook , thinkpad are generally U-shaped frame design with integrated palm rest , we will back fixing screw palm rest and after all of the U-shaped frame unscrew the touchpad cable.


After removal of the U-shaped frame can basically see the following parts , and would like to clean up dust and notebooks will be able to replace the grease , then started working here , and as a fan has been upgraded from the original figure of two to three copper heat conduction , get better cooling effect, we can see the position of the speaker becomes asymmetric design , the design had previously been in the position, and disassemble the T510 can be seen below the left speaker position instead of by a fan , may take into account heat pipe temperature will reduce the life of the speaker bar.


W510 disassemble the hard drive, we can see using a Hitachi 500G 7200 rpm hard drive.




Let’s look at the details of some of the accessories , the following is a close-up of the left and right speakers.

9 10

Here is the half-height wireless card to use, but also tri-band , Bluetooth also from the earliest T6 design on the screen , turn the design into a magnesium alloy skeleton.

11 12

Wireless LAN and Bluetooth


PCI – E a slot, which is used to expand the built-in 3 g wireless module

After removal of the screen and remove D surface after T510 laptop features


A major part of the laptop is aluminium magnesium alloy’s share price sealed package inside, very good protection effect.


After the old lenovo thinkpad w510 cooling fan is removed we can find that three tube design of thermal conductivity of copper pipe is a + fan together.


The front of the fan, fan is improved a lot, now can be unscrewed the screw to the cleanup of notebook, not as before is directly fixed, so the improvement for the T510 W510 notebook maintenance is very important.



The processor




Laptop keyboard membrane affect the heat

Many friends ask summer high temperature notebook high heat film will not affect the heat, in fact, keyboard protective film is a kind of used to protect the notebook keyboard products, he can prevent the water melon seed shells, scraps of paper, the entry of foreign matter such as notebook, so as to protect the notebook to a certain extent. But the cover membrane keyboard will cause great influence not to notebook internal radiation?

Objectively speaking, notebook keyboard membrane will definitely affect the internal body heat. But the impact will not be very obvious, mainly by the design structure of notebook of internal body to decide. Some laptops at design time, will carry on the auxiliary radiating from the keyboard. While some laptops at design time, you don’t need the keyboard auxiliary heat.

So before buying membrane keyboard, related data to find the best notebook. In addition, membrane keyboard is divided into “special” and “general” two categories. Special keyboard membrane is in a series or a certain type of notebook special customized products, no key basic hysteresis, and laptop keyboard can be a very good fit, so try to choose special products at the time of purchase. If there is no smoke, eat and drink with computer habits, no protective film also never mind.

There are many people who have bought notebook computer, the relative number of ordinary people to buy a laptop computer will take us half a month and a month or even longer time, of course, take good care, so how to maintain a good notebook computer is what our life will do.

Time in the market to buy a keyboard protective film after coming back and spread them on the adsorption on the keyboard is found on the computer, then we’ll worry about the keyboard membrane will affect cooling problems. In fact, notebook cooling of heat is not the keyboard, but specifically his heat, so we don’t have to worry about when using the keyboard membrane heat dissipation problems.

MSI ms-1491 fan

Notebook cooling solutions

Summer is coming, the weather is dry and hot, computer will also because of poor heat dissipation caused problems, not just the summer prone to poor cooling notebook computer, table computer may also appear poor cooling, resulting in computer is not stable, appear all kinds of computer failure, or even burn out the hardware. The reason of notebook cooling is not good are the following:

1, CPU heat radiating device and CPU Jerry (manufacturers under the market competition and the pressure of price war had to do, with the original large copper, now reduced volume and even the use of aluminum).

2, fan wind is not enough or unreasonable design.

3, the design is not perfect, heat can not be distributed in time.

4, housing materials heat dissipation ability is poor, especially the use of plastic, and aluminum alloy would be a lot better.

5, the use of graphics card machine will further increase the heat, and the common electronic components will also increase the heat (low-end models that may be the case).

6, due to thin the volume and weight constraints have to compress radiating module, reducing the internal space is also affect the heat.

7, due to save the board material, the heat and promotion, a root cause is also the problem of heat dissipation.

Notebook cooling is easy to fall into a cycle of death: the poor heat dissipation — temperature rise — cooling fan to work — fan aging, increased noise — cooling capacity decreased — this temperature is higher, the radiator damage, although the business models, this ratio is not particularly high, but still can not be ignored.

Notebook cooling solution

The most radical approach to computer, dust, notebook with long time use, the machine will have a large number of dust accumulation, affect the notebook cooling, so regular removal, hands-on ability can do it yourself cleaning, finally customer service to send the almost right, now think of ash are money, new computer and computer increased in number on the computer private buildings design, all kinds of buttons, so suggest you sent to professional departments.


Do not want to spend money to friends on the computer base slightly up a little, such as looking for two bottles of beer, or metal lid lid similar can pad below two mat in the notebook back, so that your books are a 3 ~ 5 degree elevation can increase heat dissipation, space, cooling capacity also be improved. If still not satisfied with this, only to spend money to buy the radiator, USB cooling fan, the base is now cheap, dozens of pieces of money can buy, the effect is also good, often play the game, you can buy a ventilation type radiator.


Start from the software aspect, attention usually little run large programs, or one-time open a program to increase the load of CPU, especially with the only significant notebook, try to develop a habit of cleaning up litter and unwanted process, it can effectively prevent the temperature too high.

Clean up the Acer aspire 4738zg laptop

Notebook with a year and a half, recently notebook temperature is too high, browse Webpage CPU and graphics card temperature exceeds 60 degrees. Thought that it might be by the dust blocking the outlet, then open the D screws, remove.




Need to dissolve copper pipe and radiator fan removal.

Note that wireless network connection wires around the old acer aspire 4738zg fan to a week, first remove the wireless card (right corner had a screw removed the wireless card), line all the way around the wireless card out to release the heat sink and fan, and don’t forget to unplug the fan power cable from the motherboard.


The bar chart on the top of the black line is the wireless network connection.


A heat dissipating silicone pad on the graphics card, is wrapped in that part of the graphics card, I started to take it off, after the test results according to the temperature CPU of less than 40, the card 60 degrees, taking into account may not be between the silicone pad radiator and graphics card is not to and apart, finally from the bullet shell with steel saw a piece of a piece with the card core size, almost clean, double-sided coated silicone grease after installation temperature finally down, the test found that CPU up to 38 GPU maximum 40 degrees.

Reason for overheating laptops

First, the external environmental factors in addition , the possibility of the following :

1. run too many programs , such as the big game ( perfect world , online games , etc. Dungeon Warriors , resulting in excessive CPU usage

2. motherboard good thermal conductivity , heat pipe inside poor thermal conductivity , heat sink ( fan ) did not play a real cooling effect.

3. virus infection ( if the general program , then they will automatically cool the laptop will not work because of the time led to very high temperatures rise )

4. environmental factors are also important .


1. system is a high -load operation state
2. computers in the ambient temperature is too high
3. notebook cooling set incorrectly,
4. notebook fan failure