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Disassemble the acer aspire 4741G

Down a total of five kinds of screws, so it is necessary to prepare a small phillips screwdriver set, if it is a bit of magnetic so much the better. Old silicon grease dry hard, thermal efficiency is greatly reduced, silicone is essential nature; To clean up the old silicon grease, I recommend using anhydrous alcohol, in the domestic 500 ml bottle of 8-10 yuan, there are three benefits: one of alcohol is not conductive, don’t worry about short circuit, and alcohol is organic solvent, clean and dry silicone like boiling soup and snow, sweeping, thirdly alcohol volatile is very strong, do not have to worry about leaving residual solvent, if not that is best prepared blotting paper, water after dry cleaning carefully, can’t leave water damage; In addition, should besmear good new silicon grease and dust, small cotton swabs is essential; Finally I recommend with a clean tray to pack the screw, it is not easy to lose, if not familiar to the whole process, can also spread out a blank sheet of paper on the surface of the table to remove the screw in the corresponding position in case you forget.

1.Dismantle the four red in the below image type A screw (i.e., the above mentioned the first screw), finger from the cavity into, and then pick up the cover plate, to separate both sides, slid open card buckle one by one.

2.After open the can see the hard disk, first disconnect the figure medium yellow circle 3 B type screw and blue circle 1 C type screw.

3.Memory, through both sides of card buckle at the same time, the memory will automatically bounce, then pulled out, when installed in accordance with this Angle insert, press flat again.

4.Wireless network card and antenna, clear ash only needs to loosen the white antenna, pick up the can. Removed at the same time yellow circle of four type B screw.

5.Dismantle battery compartments in the 5 C type screw, and the 3 B type screw on one side of the battery (middle a type B is fixed drives, simply removed the screws can directly pull out the optical drive), you can see in the picture below to the right of the 2 B and 4 C.

Loosen the fan exhaust line first.



Next, just loosen the radiator pipe 6 D type screw column (cannot be removed, can only loose), radiator pipe can be removed, revealing the CPU radiator pipe (triangle cover part) and under the GPU.



Cotton swab dipped in anhydrous alcohol, it can be easily erased on the chip surface and radiator pipe cured silicone, very easy. I thick wiped the CPU, the effect is as follows.



Don’t busy with silicon grease, should clean up the fan and the discharge pipe.

Loosen four fan E screw, again opened next to the black tape, you can turn on a fan.





Thick wipe with a cotton swab, but fan bin inside out flocculent dust outlet must not miss.


And then in the CPU and GPU are coated with a layer of grease, first of all to ensure full coverage, secondly to ensure that the thinner the better, the radiating pipe shall not apply.


new acer asprie 4741g cpu fan

Further analysis of CPU mainstream cooling technology

With transistor integrated CPU per unit area, the number increasing, the increasing number of transistors can make the energy consumption and the conversion of heat soared, more seriously, it is concentrated in a very small size, which will bring huge difficulty for heat dissipation. If not effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation, this will be a major obstacle in CPU overclocking, radiator so give CPU choose a quality and good heat dissipation effect is particularly important.

In addition to CPU, overclocking graphics cards also A new force suddenly rises. in recent years, the number of top desktop GPU integrated graphics transistor has several times in the CPU. For example, the NVIDIA G70 core of the show, the integration of the 302000000 transistor, is 1.31 times of Athlon64 X2 4800, integrated a as the acme of perfection, because the number of transistors is astonishing, quantity of heat, graphics are quite objective, GeForce 7950GX2 TDP has reached 140 kilowatts, power level is not inferior to any desktop processor. In the graphics overclocking, combination of dry ice and artillery have used quite widely, creating 3D Mark world record card without exception with the cooling way rather extreme.

The cooling way common air cooling, water cooling and several dry ice / liquid nitrogen. After several schemes with respect, air-cooled radiator because of lower cost, manufacturing technology is mature, platform high adaptability and widely used, plus some have the strength of manufacturers to develop two times on the air-cooled Technology (such as new heat pipe radiator), still occupy the mainstream market to the radiator.

Hydraulic bearing

As one of the world’s largest manufacturer of AVC radiator in leading technical change CPU fan in the process of role can not be ignored, the magnetic hydraulic bearing and fold fan technology there is no doubt become a dazzling bright spot fan technology development in the process of. Magnetic fluid bearing technology of AVC in the design of novel and unique, it suspended the use of magnetic structure with the height of oil film lubrication, prolong the using life of fan, which can not only achieve the dual ball bearing stability and longevity of the objective, and successfully solves the problem of noise when running at high temperature.

The magnetic fluid bearing improved the traditional fan base non seal design, seal up all the fan at the bottom, forming a sealed oil retaining design. This effectively prevents the lubricating grease volatilization and dust into the fan inside. The result is fan service life can be prolonged. Traditional fan because the bottom is non seal design, too much lube oil cannot store. The magnetic hydraulic bearing with closed bottom, designed the large oil storage space, can store a large amount of lubricating grease. This makes the bearings keep lubrication state, greatly improving the stability of the fan used.

Suspension silent fan

Choi Fung developed suspension silent fan technology unique Colorful. The suspension type mute fan ingeniously will support fan and line layout to the fan on top, the air channel without any obstacles, air directly into the radiating fin group. This has the effect of reducing both the air because the fan supporting rod obstacles caused by wind disturbance and wheezing sound, but also has the protective effect of fan cover in the external environment.

Nano bearing fan

Foxconn is a nano bearing fan technology main drive manufacturers, so that Foxconn has become the most characteristic of the patent technology. Bearing is one of the core components of the fan, and have a significant impact fan bearing quality will mainly work on the efficiency of the fan, the fan’s service life and other aspects, nano ceramic bearing technology Foxconn adopts nanometer polymeric materials full fusion and special additives, made of die and sintering process, including ceramic powder, has a strong, smooth, wear-resistant properties, can withstand more severe environment, including acid, oxidation, high temperature in different environment. Fan bearing made use of this material will be able to maintain the local high temperature internal more stable working state and the resistance of the chassis, with a longer life. The average service life of double ball bearing fan general in about 80000 hours, and the fan nano bearing service life can reach 12 to 150000 hours, greatly prolong the using time of radiator. In addition, Foxconn ceramic bearing surface is very smooth, the friction coefficient is bearing steel 1/8, its direct benefit is the fan rotates in high speed situation, not easy to wear and heat, nature also can withstand the long time work test. But from the current sales situation to see, because of the cost, this kind of product sales is not very good.

Notebook manual cleaning Dell Latitude D620 fan

Weather temperature to rise, resulting in a high laptop heat, fans have been transferred.

New machine has no such general conditions, the use of more than six months, and dusty area, might encounter this kind of situation (dual-core CPU, SATA hard disk, as well as the DDR2 memory, power consumption is more and more big, accumulate over a long period, fan and radiator traps dirt is more, led to the decrease of the heat dissipation performance) .

In fact, we can manually clean up the dust fan and CPU heat sink. In this way, can greatly help our machine — love, restore the super performance working condition.

Step 1: remove the power switch cover plate.


Step 2: remove the fixed keyboard screws, and remove the keyboard line, remove the keyboard from the host.


Step 3: remove the bottom of the notebook and back marked as “D” of the screw.

Step 4: then remove the LCD panel line, the LCD screen from the host.


Step 6: remove the touchpad (palm rest)

1.Please remove the hard drive first and then remove the hard drive slot bottom two screws.


2.Remove the notebook fixed palm rest at the bottom of the screw.


3.From the motherboard, trackpad cable, and then remove the palm rest (note: the up and down is bite fastening, need according to loosen the occlusal section.

At the bottom of the palm rest and occlusion part to stagger. In addition, the BIOS battery and the main board, a connecting line between also need to remove.


Step 7: we can according to the screw marked 1234 order, remove the CPU heat sink.


We need to manually clean dust fin slot blowing balloons, if there is the best. Small brush can also.

The eighth step: in order to remove, wireless LAN, modem, CPU, pccard, microphone, speaker, motherboard, we can remove the fan from the base.




New Dell latitude d620 cpu fan

Laptop Cooling tips

1. Heatsink

The role of the fins is sent to the CPU to the heat sink , and then the heat away from the cooling fan . A good heatsink should have a larger effective heat dissipation area, high thermal conductivity and heat capacity. Good heat sink, is inseparable from good materials and good design and manufacturing process.

From the heat sink material points, divided into aluminum , copper and copper-aluminum combination of three kinds . Good heat dissipation aluminum , light weight and easy to process, plus the cost is relatively low, so low-end radiators on the market are mostly made ​​of aluminum . But now the CPU heat alarming, generally aluminum heat sink has been difficult to deal with , so this article does not generally aluminum heat sink for detailing . Here the author focuses on the combination of copper and copper-aluminum heatsink.

Copper aluminum is high thermal conductivity material, the system of thermal conductivity of aluminum is 735 kj/(M.H.K), the coefficient of thermal conductivity of copper is 1386 kj/(M.H.K), when all other conditions are the same, the copper heat conduction in the unit time is nearly two times of aluminum. If the aluminum heat sink to switch to copper to make, the heat conduction rate, of course, there will be a very substantial increase, but the cost of heat sink has a lot of ascension, is not only the material costs have risen, and the processing technology of copper than aluminum complex. And while copper instantaneous heat absorption ability is better than aluminum, but the cooling speed is slower than aluminum, heat capacity is lower than aluminum, under the premise of the same heat, temperature rise is higher than aluminum. Cooperate well, therefore, if the cooling fan, air volume is not enough, the effect will be a big discount. So, pure copper radiator are expensive, for overclocking and high-end CPU heat dissipation.

2. The harm of high temperature

According to the theory of electronics, the improvement of frequency (on the premise of stable) for the semiconductor electronic components life won’t have influence, but the frequency is high, it will produce more heat, electronic components such as CPU, memory, etc., surface area is very small, the heat generated by the more are gathered in this small place, such as heat dissipation is not good will produce a high temperature, causing “electronic migration” phenomenon, and the present computer frequency is higher and higher, plus a gang and our DIY overclocking, in order to get more performance and applied voltage as a result, there will be more hot.

“Electronic migration” phenomenon, as a result of heat will damage the semiconductor electronic components. In order to prevent the occurrence of “electronic migration” phenomenon, we should control the surface temperature of the CPU below 50 degrees Celsius, so that the internal temperature of CPU can maintain under 80 degrees, “electronic migration” phenomena will happen. “Electronic migration” phenomenon is not immediately damage chip, it damaged the chip is a slow process, more or less will reduce the life of the CPU.

So what is “electronic migration”? “Electronic migration” belongs to the field of electronic science, in the early 1960 s were widely understand, refers to the flow of electrons in the metal atoms migration phenomenon. On the current strength high conductor, the most typical is the integrated circuit inside the circuit, the flow of electrons to the metal atoms above a momentum, and makes the metal atoms from the metal surface flow around, the result is metal wire holes or mound is formed on the surface, causing permanent damage, this is a slow process, once happened, it will be more and more serious, at the end of the day can cause the short circuit of the circuit, the CPU or integrated circuit for reimbursement.

“Electronic migration” phenomenon is affected by many factors, one of which is the strength of the current, the higher the current intensity, “electronic migration” phenomenon becomes more significant. From the development of integrated circuit, we can find that, for the sake of reducing the core of the integrated circuit such as CPU, must do line more fine more thin, so, the line current strength is big, so the flow of electrons to metal atoms by the momentum is very significant, can easily from the surface of metal atoms from the sloshing around, forming holes or mounds. Another factor is that the temperature, high temperature helped to bring about the “electronic migration”, that is why we need to hold the temperature of the CPU below 50.

Disassemble the Samsung R478

1. Remove the battery, remove the laptop behind a cover plate. This cover plate below has put memory, hard drives, and wireless networks.



2. Hard disk protection shell screw screwed down, hold marked “PULL”, behind the plastic will be hard to hard disk will be able to get down.



3. The two signal lines of the wireless network card can draw down on the net, then the screw plucked the module, network CARDS can take away.



4. Screws are fixed by the side of the memory drives, directly to loosen, cd-rom will be able to take out. Then put the notebook to unload all the screws on the back, began to positive.



5. The keyboard have some clamp around, each card buckle with flat mouth screwdriver can remove the keyboard, remember that the keyboard and lines to connect the mainboard, is a need to loosen.



6. Take down the keyboard, and turn off the keyboard the story of below the screw, removed the touch pad line, then dial the slice open shell, C, D will C shell removed, some places have the card buckle strength must be uniform.



7. After C shell off can see the motherboard, the motherboard above the screen line, the external board line, USB interface line and the power line is removed, and a screw is screwed down.



8. Beside some screw board above is a white arrow mark, it is said that the screw is fixed on the motherboard D shell above, need to unscrew.


9. The board to take off, the fan can be brought down a simple cleaning.



Samsung R478 CPu fan, samsung R470 fan