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Clean the cpu fan of Sony Vaio Vpc-ea48fx

1. Remove the battery , the rear one remove screws.

2. Middle of the back is a small box , the box below where the memory is installed , the above unscrew a screw , note that this screw is Nabuxialai . Places along the screw tilt tilt to the small box , can be seen below in Figure after unscrew.


3. Remove the hard drive , optical drive pull out , pull out the optical drive can get attention when the author of the CD-ROM is bad because of the frequent disassembly .

4. Then you can pry open the cover , and do not worry, you can find a gap to pry open the back cover as shown below.



5. Take down entire back cover is now completed preliminary disassemble , followed Remove the fan and heatsink grease under normal circumstances has changed between the fins would be the heatsink and cpu, gpu stick together , forced to pry open can. Then remove the fan screws.



6.Now largely complete, clean up after completion disassemble the fan , smear grease, replacement parts. See below.



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Clean the SONY Vaio VPC-EA35EC CPU fan

Sony laptops and other books of the demolition methods, this laptop is removed from the shell , we first removed all the screws back.



Then we have to put the laptop memory and optical drive removed , attention : Hard cover above the two screws at the rear as well as the two screws removed the hard drive needs to be screwed down , you can remove the hard drive after the twist off , as shown below.
After removing all the screws behind the notebook , put his hand drive space under a gently breaking on the back cover of the notebook completely removed . If you need to clean up the dust to clean up , we can put all the screws removed after the radiator.
As shown above, forceps inserted in red marker , the first tilt a gap , then hand pull up ( note : not too much effort , easily snap off )
If we want to remove the motherboard , you can put all the internal cables unplugged , then after unplugging the motherboard above all removed screws and cables to the motherboard can be removed .

How to clean the Asus X43S cpu cooling fan



Remove the two screws circled in red , the cover and gently pull along the direction of the arrow can be removed , do not directly breaking up.



Then concentrated to split the screws fo the  shell D, remove the red circle marked all , a total of two types, relatively easy to distinguish.
Then dismantle the hard drive, that red circle marked four screws removed , it will gently pull the hard drive to the left can be removed it. The two green dots are the hard following two silver screws , use a screwdriver to remove the PH0
Note that the wireless card is removed first two antenna ports , etc. under demolition when the motherboard does not hinder.
Then go to the C plane split keyboard, the keyboard only four clips on the edge of stuck, tweezers or a small screwdriver under the top of the keyboard can be breaking up, pay attention to slow below to remove the keyboard cable to completely remove the do not apply excessive force to the cable snapped up.
Then unscrew the red circle in the six screws, one of the most right side of the green circle drive screw is fixed.
Then disassemble the switch cable and touchpad cable, are breaking up the clips on the line.
Demolition of the motherboard is not difficult, as shown in the box to remove the three cables , unscrew the two screws so that the red circle can be shown.
Then remove the motherboard , turn over the case , the above seven screws removed, pull out the fan power connector on the cooling system can be removed.
Finally, clean the fan and heat sink under the ash. Not dirty, put back is the reverse process , step by step.
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How to disassemble the Acer aspire S3 laptop



1. Remove the pan all the screws , you can find the machine uses aluminum-magnesium alloy frame , so you can better protect the notebook , while all-metal material is more conducive to heat.
2. Acer wireless signal enhancement technology uses high-frequency PIFA, and optimize the position of the antenna at the top of the panel, created an omni-directional signal field to ensure maximum wireless performance.
3. Acer aspire s3 is the HDD version of the model , taking into account this point , the hard shell at a position corresponding to D on the design of the two damping sponge.
4.Lithium-ion polymer battery is designed to be T -shaped , as the purpose is to increase ACER aspire s3 laptop’s usage, with a capacity of 36.4Wh, the official said the SSD version of the model can last 7 hours battery life.
5. Since the power button design is more special , acer aspire s3 use the power button and indicator cable and connected to the motherboard , and only by snap-fit.
6. Because of the low voltage processor and taking into super-slim dimensions , acer aspire s3 with a single heat pipe thermal design , but smaller fan area brings sufficient cooling effectiveness , the noise control is quite good.
7. Acer aspire s3 three modules inside the fuselage , larger rectangular main control wireless , Bluetooth, a smaller control card reader for data transfer.

How to disassemble the ASUS G74 latop

Tools:screwdriver, brushes



Open the back and then remove the memory and eight screws two second hard disk first buckle note cards first opened up the pull cord to unplug then remove one screw drive bit and then pull out the wireless card CD-ROM speaker wire line and side.
Then remove all the screws on the back of which a total of 27 three small screws ( two located in the optical drive port ) 5 long screws located on top of the other vents conventional 19 screws.224408q6mcioeicmkmcq9e
Then close the front counter to monitor open Hinge Cover.
Dismantling of about four screws marked with arrows , each about 2
Then opened the screen wire remember caution because it is still attached to unlock the true keyboard panel to remember this is a piece from the top down interface is also careful to remember the keyboard and motherboard is also connected directly to the cable 5
After opening the keyboard, unplug all cables on the motherboard remember remember well the left upper right lower right order and then remove the three screws from the right side at the start and then remove the motherboard
Then you can clean up the Asus G74 fan.

Clean and cool your Dell inspiron 14R





Because Dell 14R series notebook design factors , the whole left side of the palm rest and the outlet should be relatively hot places , I also found these two positions standby temperature is still relatively high , especially on the left palm rest , stand so hot , prolonged use , the left always sweating , really quite uncomfortable.
1. Unplug the ac adapter and remove the laptop battery.
2. Tighten the screws off the D side , removed the keyboard.
Open the memory upgrade window , unscrew the other screws before , it is best to take down the first memory to find memory upgrade window , twist off the screw to open it.
This screw next to the memory position is used to secure the optical drive , and after removing the memory, we also need to take down the optical drive to the next step disassembly. After unscrew this screw , pull gently pinch the CD-ROM , CD-ROM drive on the take down. After successfully removing the drive, all the screws we will be able to see the back of the fuselage screwed down one by one , the size and location of the machine screws , divided into many types, in order to replace it can be more convenient.
In the split keyboard approach time to pay attention , because the bottom half 14R keyboard design features a deep slot , not hard to pry from the lower end of violence , from the upper end of the pick open four snaps, then the keyboard is slowly pry up a . Avoid this step can not be too violent , mastered the pick open four snaps approach must also slowly force, do not have the professional tools to help IC. After pick open the keyboard , not a force in the winning keyboard because the following are cable connected to slowly flip.
The cable slot 14R are a model , before opening up the slot just gently move away cable lock can be easily extracted , should not use violence, hard pull . Up to this point , we have completely removed the keyboard , let’s split the C surface .
After removed the keyboard , we will see many links in the C plane with cable, we need to remove them one by one , in which the upper left portion of the screen cable, it looks rather special , it is the screen cable, it provided above a black auxiliary handle, we need to pinch the auxiliary handle upward force uprooted , cables can be brought down .
Other basic cable and before the keyboard cable , are miniature lock to move away , you can easily pull out the cable.
In this step in order to reduce scratches on the body , be sure to use specialized tools , or no specialized tools , instead of using the IC card with a fingernail , it is most important to minimize damage to the fuselage . In panel C pry the order and method time to pay attention , because the C panel has five fixed upper slot , so be sure to start from the lower pry the job. After pry , pull down the entire panel and sides of the current portion of the card , the top five slots out , C panel will be obedient down. Would be more difficult to pry the beginning , once opened a snap , broke back on homeopathy together on the line, this step to use clever effort , can not use brute force.
Through the above steps, we will completely remove the C side panel came from the bottom of the observation of the panel, in order to strengthen the position of the overall strength of the CD-ROM also adds metal cover , workmanship is quite good , and what is also very structured wiring . Here we are fast approaching an important part , and continue to split it with me .
By removing the C panel we have been able to fully see the motherboard in the upper left portion of the machine outlet position seen in this disassemble a major focus – fans, here we come to remove the fan.
Poke the overlying cable, we can see through the fan inside the pores of the breeding dust, because the fan and the motherboard easily separated , so we first split fan.
Removing the fan is as simple as screwing the screws on both sides to fan out , looking at the dusty fan I can not help but heartache , after all, he is still very good care 14R , do not know so much dust comes from. So feel very good care computer , the computer does not feel that they have to draw attention to the dust of friends , in fact, the computer no matter how loved, multi- use environment clean, but also need to open a year or so use some cleaning up , otherwise it will seriously affect the use of feelings and overall performance. Here we put the fan completely unloaded.