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Tips for compaq presario v3000 laptop

About clean the compaq presario v3000 cpu cooling fan, there has been some related articles for V3000 series dismantling process online , though less detailed talk , but just follow the icons, careful studies will be able to smoothly open . It should be noted the following questions:

(1 ) After open the cover wireless card cover, there areĀ  internal fixation screws. After winning a hard disk , there are three screws in the following, if not more than a few screws removed, the demolition will have trouble behind the palm rest ;

(2 ) Battery scored two rows of three small , three large common six screws, three large fixed keyboard use, such as a keyboard , then you only need to change the big twist three down, then up the keyboard gently pumping can win , attention Underneath cable connection ;

( 3 ) the location of the drive door , above the inside there are two screws must be removed in order to Satisfy successfully won ;

( 4 ) Cable demolition method, remember that cables do not pull straight down , both sides have a cable clamp , where the direction of a pull cable , the cable will be easy to remove .

( 5 ) After removed the above-mentioned screws and the cover screws , you can start the power switch and volume control panel where the win , which is fixed with a snap , gently pry win that can , pay attention to the sound and the power switch control cable cord .